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How Much Do The Council Charge To Remove Rubbish In Kent


Getting rid of rubbish can be a daunting task. Rubbish removal can be complicated and expensive, especially if you are unsure of how to go about it. This is where Skip Hire Kent, a rubbish removal company in Kent, comes in handy. However, there are instances where you could opt to use the council services, and this begs the question - how much do the council charge to remove rubbish in Kent?

Council Rubbish Removal in Kent

The council plays an essential role in ensuring that waste is collected and disposed of appropriately to ensure a clean and safe environment. Depending on where you reside, you could be eligible for council rubbish removal services. The council in Kent provides a wide range of waste collection services and ensures that the waste collected is appropriately disposed of, recycled, or reused.

What Items Do The Council Collect?

The council collects various types of waste, from general household waste to bulky items, garden waste, and electrical equipment. However, there are certain items that the council will not collect. Items such as hazardous waste, asbestos, gas bottles, and commercial waste should be disposed of appropriately.

How Much Does the Council Charge?

The council charges for rubbish removal, and the cost varies depending on the type and quantity of waste to be collected. The council uses pricing models based on collection per item, limited five items per collection, and minimum charges.

Per Item Collection

For items such as bulky waste, refrigerators, and freezers, the council typically charges between 16 and 42 per item collected. For garden waste, the council charges 28 per item collected.

Limited Five Items Per Collection

For limited collections, the council charges 45 for up to five items to be collected.

Minimum Charge

The council charges a minimum of 45 for rubbish to be collected up to a maximum of 3 cubic yards.

It is important to note that the council's pricing is based on the resident's eligibility and the type of waste to be collected.

Tenant Waste

For residents who are tenants, the council's rubbish removal services are available through the landlords. The council provides written agreements to landlords that outline their obligations regarding waste collection and disposal. It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that rubbish is collected and disposed of appropriately.

How to Send Rubbish

To send rubbish, you can either use the council's services or contact a private waste collection company for collection. The council provides detailed instructions on how to send rubbish online. The council also provides a list of private waste collection firms that you can contact should you require their services.

Don't Like the Charge, What Should You Do?

If you don't agree with the council's charges, you can contact them and request for an explanation. The council provides a wide range of information, including the National Insurance number, to ensure that the correct charges are levied. Skip Hire Kent is a company that can help you improve your rubbish removal processes. If you are unsure about the council charges or need more information, you can always contact Skip Hire Kent for assistance.


Rubbish removal is a crucial aspect of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. While the council provides rubbish removal services in Kent, there are private companies like Skip Hire Kent that provide the same services at affordable rates. It is essential to understand the council's pricing models, eligibility requirements, and the list of items that they do not collect. By doing so, you can effectively manage and dispose of your rubbish without breaking the bank.

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