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What Price Is Skip Hire In Kent?

Skip hire is essential for people who have excess waste, construction debris, or any other kinds of rubbish they need to dispose of. Kent, a county located in the South East of England, has numerous skip hire companies with different prices and services. However, deciding which skip hire company to use can be daunting given the number of providers.

At Skip Hire Kent, we are committed to providing reliable, affordable, and effective services for our clients in Kent and its surrounding areas. Our top priority is ensuring that our clients get the best service possible. That is why we offer competitive and transparent pricing without compromising on quality. This article discusses the cost of skip hire in Kent and what influences these prices.

What is Skip Hire?

Skip hire is a service that offers people and businesses with an easy and efficient way of disposing of large quantities of waste. A skip is a container designed for loading and transporting waste materials. Skips come in various sizes depending on the amount of waste that a person or business wants to dispose of.

There are various types of skips that you can use depending on the type of rubbish you want to dispose of, including:

  • Mini Skips: These are small skips ideal for domestic and garden waste.
  • Midi Skips: These are medium-sized skips that hold up to 3 tonnes of waste.
  • Builders Skips: These skips are the most common for construction projects.
  • Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) Skips: These are large skips for significant waste projects, such as industrial or commercial waste.

Why Hire a Skip in Kent?

Skip hire is an affordable and effective way of disposing of rubbish. With skip hire services, you can hire a skip of the suitable size, allowing you to dispose of waste in bulk without worrying about frequent trips to your local waste center. Other reasons why you should consider hiring a skip in Kent include:

  • Environmentally friendly: Hiring a skip is an environmentally friendly approach to disposing of waste since the professionals will ensure that the waste is sorted and recycled if possible.
  • Saves time and money: Hiring a skip can save you time and money, especially if you have numerous trips to the waste center or landfill.

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost in Kent?

Skip hire prices in Kent vary depending on several factors. These factors include:

Skip Size

The size of your skip will influence the cost. Larger skips cost more than smaller ones, and the price is likely to increase as the skip size increases. Skip Hire Kent offers various skip sizes to cater to the demands of our clients. The range of our skips includes:

  • 2-Yard Mini Skip: Ideal for small household or garden projects.
  • 4-Yard Midi Skip: Suitable for landscaping or small construction projects.
  • 6-Yard Builders Skip: Commonly used for construction and renovation projects.
  • 8-Yard Builders Skip: Ideal for commercial or industrial projects.

Skip Hire Duration

The duration of your hire will also affect the cost. The less time you have your skip, the less you will pay. However, if you need a more extended hire duration, you can negotiate with your skip hire company for a discount.

Skip Location

The location of the skip will also affect the price of the hire. If you require the skip to be placed on a public road, you may require a permit, which will increase the cost. Moreover, delivery of the skip may attract additional charges depending on the distance from the delivery point to the landfill site.

Type of Waste

The type of waste you want to dispose of will also affect the cost of skip hire. Certain types of waste are more expensive to dispose of, requiring special treatment or recycling. Hazardous waste, such as asbestos, chemicals, and automotive fluids, also attracts additional costs.

Skip Hire Company

The skip hire company you choose will also affect the overall cost. Different companies will offer different prices for similar services. However, it is advisable to choose a reputable company such as Skip Hire Kent. We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

How Can I Get Affordable Skip Hire in Kent?

Getting affordable skip hire in Kent means researching different companies and comparing their pricing and services. Here are some tips on how to get affordable skip hire:


Do some research and compare the cost of skip hire in Kent. Look for companies that offer the services you need and also offer competitive rates.

Choose the Right Size Skip

Choosing the right-sized skip will save you money. Opt for a skip that is large enough to accommodate your waste but not too big, to avoid paying for unused space.

Negotiate with the Skip Hire Company

Negotiating with your skip hire company can help you get a better deal. You may be able to negotiate a discount on the total cost or an extended hire period.

Book Early

Booking your skip hire early can save you money. You can take advantage of early booking discounts from some companies.

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